2010 was declared the Year of Ecology in Azerbaijan by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Within the scope of the Year of Ecology various activities were realized, E-resources on specific fields were prepared, educational measures among the population were enhanced.
        Nowadays the humanity faces one of the most actual problems that are endangered stability of civilization and environment, as well as threat of destruction of ecosystems and incompatibility of rapidly developing economy and environmental protection, etc. Destruction of ozone layer, global warming, desertification, endangered biodiversity, environmental pollution are the problems concerning the whole world.
        The ecological policy implemented in the Republic aims to ensure continuous development providing protection of the existing ecosystems and economical potential and rational use of natural resources. Environmental protection problems are always at the center of attention of the Azerbaijan government and fundamental reforms are being carried out. Azerbaijan joined all the important international conventions in the field of environmental protection. “Complex Actions Plan in the field of environmental improvement in Azerbaijan for 2006-2010” had been approved and a number of programs adopted.
        With the purpose of enhancing ecological education and developing ecological culture of the population the Presidential Library prepared the documentary-information database “Ecology of Azerbaijan” consisting of five chapter.
        The first chapter named “General Information” acquaints readers with the nature of Azerbaijan, its ecological zones, rich biodiversity, gives information on forests, state reserves, national parks and state natural game reserves.
        The second chapter “Ecological problems” concerns the present ecological situation in Azerbaijan, existing key problems, environmental problems of the Caspian Sea and Absheron Peninsula – two more tensed ecological zones.
        The chapter named “Ecological education” enhances reader’s knowledge regarding ecology and environmental protection. The article named “What is Ecology?” lets readers to learn more on ecology as a separate branch of science, its history and subdisciplines. “Environmental Awareness” speaks of situation of ecological education and culture among the population in Azerbaijan. Using “Ecological calendar” one can learn about remarkable dates in the field of ecology and environmental protection. “Ecological dictionary” explains certain ecological words, phrases and terms.
        The fourth chapter “Legislative Basis” presents national programs and plans adopted and implemented in Azerbaijan; “Official documents” includes laws and codes of Azerbaijan, as well as decrees and orders in the field of environmental protection; “International conventions” introduces full-text of the international conventions and protocols the Republic of Azerbaijan is joined to.
        “E-resources”, that is the fifth chapter of the database, reflects sources used during the work process, these are e-books, articles, books, periodicals and links.
        This documentary information database had been prepared in Azerbaijani, Russian and English and placed on the site of the Presidential Library

In April 2019, the Electronic Project of the Presidential Library "Ecology of Azerbaijan" took part in the International Contest "Biblio-Green in Sustainable World" held by the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology and the Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation named after V. I. Vernadsky. The documentary and information resource was awarded a special diploma for the expansion of the international environmental information space in nomination "Green Space" of the contest.